Where there is a will there is a way!

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About me

“Where there is a will there is a way!”
This phrase was applicable to me from early on in life.
Everything is possible, when you really want it!
At least I always believed in it and I had perseverance and courage at my side.

This is how it went for me in the first part of my life.
I grew up in a village and I wanted to explore the world. Which started with moving to a big city when I was 17 years old.
When I was 18, I went to study at the Art Academy in Utrecht where I explored what was valuable to me in a creative way.
When I was 22, I travelled by myself for the first time and that was my first time to Asia.
In 2002 I traveled to Taiwan and China to film a documentary. 
I realized that I wanted to grow as a filmmaker and I was accepted to study Cinematography at the Film Academy in Potsdam, Germany.

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My attraction to China was big, I wanted to study Mandarin and live in China. In 2006 I went to live in Beijing, to study and later work there.
After 5 years of China, I needed a change and I wanted to try to work in a different culture and that was Colombia.
I learned Spanish, a lot about mañana and how to dance Salsa. After half a year being in Colombia I had to go back to work in Asia.
This time to settle in Hong Kong. Here again I built up my network, worked on many projects, made beautiful things and did what I wanted to do.

Then I came at a point in my life that I actually didn’t know anymore what I wanted, I had been driven by my passions and I had conquered many things, but suddenly I didn’t know what to follow anymore…
There was this emptiness, what did I really want…?
I knew that if I only had a goal or a challenge, I would be in the flow right away. But I realized that I couldn’t think of any fulfilling goal anymore…

I went back to my roots, the Netherlands, living in Amsterdam. I became mainly inward-looking. I did a lot of meditation and I was doing self related studies. I have a huge passion for dancing and I went to do more dancing and body training classes than ever before. I learned a lot about balance and centre in the body. But my mind kept on being unhappy about my purpose in life? What was I supposed to do now?
I was in desperate search for ‘instructions’ how to live, how to get the best out of life.

Meditation helped me a lot!
The first time that I got in touch with meditation was when I started to do Tai Chi Chuan classes about 20 years ago, which I loved and did intensively. I got caught by Buddhism and Vipassana when I lived in Berlin. At ‘Das Buddhistische Haus’ I followed guided meditations and went to Dhamma talks. They spoke right to my heart. My first Vipasanna retreat in 2006 was specified on the Abhidhamma.
In Asia I went to several meditation centres in Thailand and Myanmar to study by myself or I went to silent group retreats.

Through the years I red many books and followed many teachings from Tolle Eckhart, Osho, Pema Chöndrön, Nina van Gorkum, Hal and Sindra Stone, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Mooji, Jan Geurtz and many others about coaching, mindfulness, psychology, consciousness and growing spiritually.

In 2014 I coincidentally ran into my first coach. I knew at once that this is what I needed.
Every week we did a 1,5 hour session. And I understood how helpful it was to get attention, reflection and support. I became aware of my own patterns and I was able to transform them, I got to know myself much better and I understood that I did not have to do everything all by myself.

From then on I wanted to know everything about coaching.

It’s very important to have structure and get clear about what you want in life.
And next to that it is essential to get clear about the limiting habits and thoughts, that are blocking you from what you want in life.

Meditation and Kundalini yoga for me is a daily training to expand consciousness. To be aware and cultivate compassion towards that what is present and that what wants to be created.

My clearly (re)discovered goal is that I want to connect to people in a profound way and help them in identifying who they really are and what they want to achieve. Helping them by discovering their fulfillment in life and how to get there.

To be able to be present for other people and giving them understanding, honesty, trust and growth gives me fulfillment.