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These are the benefits of being coached:

• Establish what you really want.
• Acting towards achieving your goals.
• Feeling engaged and in controll of your own process.
• Reflect and learn about yourself.
• Become aware of the “blind spots”.
• A safe place where you can gain perspective and insights without feeling intimidated by someone within your own environment.
• Having support for skills that you want to improve, knowing that someone is there to help you to achieve your goals.
• Become more satisfied and happy with your life.

Recently I helped people with:

• Changing reaction patterns.
• Learning how to say no and working on assertiveness.
• Improving conversation skills that leads to more understood social interaction, better connections and more satisfying friendships.
• Improving leading qualities.
• Stress-related physical complaints.
• Dealing with loneliness.

What does a personal coaching program look like?

My approach:

With trust, involvement and commitment at the base of our meetings, I will together with you look how we can make things work for you personally. I will reflect and confront where necessary. I will ask sharp questions and give you suggestions for new opportunities. You remain in charge and you decide what you want to achieve.


• We will make a plan to achieve  your personal goals.
• We will get clear on your goals and use techniques to accomplish real change.
• We will uncover any challenges that are standing in your way and we will stategize how to use skills that help you to overcome any fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, or insecurities that might be holding you back in a satisfying and healthy way for you.
• We will optimize your environment. So that you minimize distractions and that achieving your goals becomes effortless.
• Through reflecting on conversations we will acknowledge your needs and you will feel more connected to your inner voice.
• We will monitor your practice and tools for action, so that we are on top of your actual progress.
• You will have more energy and motivation to really make things happen!

To get through blockages and accomplish your goal I will use my experience and knowledge with the following techniques:

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
Vipassana meditation
Voice Dialogue
Byron Katie
Social conversational techniques
CRKBO certified coachings training by Institute Gian

How is a personal coaching program structured?

How my coaching is structured:

• I work with clients for a period of time.
• We meet weekly for 60 min.
• If something comes up that cannot wait until our next session, you can e-mail or phone me.
• I will be available via e-mail between sessions as well.


• First time intake consult: FREE, no strings attached!
• Coaching block of 8 times an hour 4x live seeing each other and 4 skype meetings and you can always ask me questions through email.
• Price: € 450,- (2018)
• We can customize a program structure that fits you best.


Ask for a FREE intake.
And discover for yourself how we can develop a suitable 1-on-1 coaching program for you. 
We explore if we match well together on your first intake, so that you can get the best coaching that you deserve!

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